We are welcoming you to our cute little Burgundy village through this web sight-seeing, hoping it will help you grow the desire to visit it in the flesh....


Between two big rocks


trecking Vergisson

Located 10 km West of Mâcon, nestled between two big rocks, the village of Vergisson belongs to the "Grand Site de France" known as "Solutré-Pouilly-Vergisson" (meaning it is registered as a national protected site because of its prehistoric remains and geologic specificities). In spite of this touristic label the inhabitants keep their normal way of life : a great number of them make a living of making wine, from harvesting to selling, and several village feasts are held along the year when all the inhabitants gather to celebrate a national or a local feast (New Year's wishes, national war days, 8th December Illumination feast which is regional, are a few examples).


Come for a visit


If you come for a visit you will be welcome to rest in our various bed-and-breakfasts or rentals, you can enjoy our local cuisine at the restaurant in the center of the village : "l'Auberge des deux Roches", and wander around our various trecking paths all showing different and magnificent views : the rocks of Vergisson and of Solutré, the slopewise planted wineyards, the plane of river Saône running through Mâcon, and on sunny days you can even get an awesome glimpse of the Mont Blanc in the distance. All these landscapes change shape along with the seasons, you can never tire of them.


Homo Sapiens left his traces


Rock climbing Vergisson

Rock climbing lovers will enjoy several routes on both the rocks of Vergisson and of Solutré. Those interested in History and "old stones" will be delighted by Vergisson's ancient wash porches (where the women came to do the family laundry washing), its paths where Alphonse de Lamartine walked to find inspiration, its stone houses and wells, and also its menhir as Vergisson has celtic origins way after Homo Sapiens left his traces. Taking you further back in time you can also find fossil shells as you walk (the biggest type being Ammonites), testifying there was a sea here yesteryond.


Famous wines



And coming back to present time, you can also taste and enjoy our local production of famous wines : Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint Véran, Mâcon blancs. For this, you only have to look around and knock at the doors : if the winegrowers are present they will be proud to welcome you.




Vergisson is definitely a must-see if you happen to come visit Southern Burgundy.